Contact: Helena Vačkářová
tel.:602 379 065

Description: Cottage camp is situated in a beautiful scenery of the birch grove which is very nice and quiet place near Horní Planá in the recreation area Jenišov.

Accommodation: There are mostly ordinary cottages with washroom and WC near them. We have cottages with bathroom, WC, kitchenette and fridge. There are some rooms with bathroom, WC and fridge too.
Price 1st July - 31st August
3 bed's cottage - 500,- crowns a day
4 bed's cottage - 690,- crowns a day
4 bed's cottage luxe - 1.100,- crowns a day
5 bed's cottage luxe - 1.200,- crowns a day
Off-season price: 160,- crowns 1 bed a day

Board: You can have your meals in nearby restaurant and buffet.
Sport: Lake with sand beach, lending of boats and paddle-boats, tennis court and volleyball playground, distance 200 m.
Amusement: In this recreation area there are conditions for sightseeing in Český Krumlov, Vyšší Brod, trips in neighbourhood, family holiday, water sport, cycling, fishing and mushrooming.

Services: There is facilities for table tennis, swings, sand-pits, etc.
Transport and parking: by the cottage (1 car 10,- crowns a day). You can use train and bus too.